[Visual Stimuli] Yosemite National Park

But no temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite. Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life. Some lean back in majestic repose; others, absolutely sheer or nearly so for thousands of feet, advance beyond their companions in thoughtful attitudes, giving welcome to storms and calms alike, seemingly aware, yet heedless, of everything going on about them.
John Muir

Yosemite is the most visited national park in the United States. The valley was carved by glaciers during the last ice age and has spectacular waterfalls. I have been there several times, and each time I see something new.

The amount of water in the streams and waterfalls is highly dependent on what time of year you go. In May and June, there is plenty of water in them from the melting snow. By August They are but a trickle and sometimes they completely dry up!

Pictures of Half Dome
Half Dome is such a beautiful and imposing sight that you can't sum it up with a single picture, so I have a whole page of them.

Mariposa Grove
The Mariposa grove is one of three groves of Giant Sequoias in Yosmite National Park.It is hard to capture the scale of these trees in a picture. They are so huge that you have to stand pretty far back to get the whole tree in the photo, but suffice it to say that they are big, very big.

Yosemite in the Winter
Yosemite is open all year round. Some parts of it close because they get too much snow to plow, but the main valley is generally open. It is much less crowded in the winter and it is still pretty.

Yosemite upper and lower falls
This is the view you get on the path from the parking area up to the falls. You can see many other people making the trip.
Date: June, 1995

Yosemite upper falls from a distance
Date: June, 1995

The creek below Yosemite falls
Toward the back, you can see some of the spray from the waterfall.
Date: June, 1995

Bridal Veil Falls
This falls gets it name from the way the wind blows the waterfall like a brides veil. In this picture, there is really too much water going over the falls for it to be blown much by the wind.
Date: June, 1995

Looking down Yosemite valley, bridal veil falls on right
There are several good places to get a view of the valley and this is one of the popular ones.

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