Edward and Jennifer's Hawaii Journal

Edward and Jennifer's trip to the Islands

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Golden Gate Bridge.

Day 0 12/3
In Santa Cruz. We checked the weather in Hilo, it was raining with predictions of more rain. Not exactly what I wanted for my vacation. As a preview of things to come it was foggy and rainy. We drove through San Francisco (Jen had never seen it) but there was too much fog to see much.

Day 1 12/4
We flew to Hawaii. Guess what? If you look out the window of the airplane,you will see water. Wait a couple of hours and look again, you'll see the same thing. Bring a book or two for entertainment (the water gets boring).

We stop in Honolulu then land in Hilo. I really like the airports, the walkways don't have windows and in some places you walk through open air. It gets you into the tropical mood. The neat thing is, my baggage beat me to the baggage claim. I don't think that has ever happened before. Of course, it was not without incident. At Honlolulu, the inter-island terminal is quite a ways from the main terminal, and we didn't get our bags checked all the way through, so we had to pick them up and re-check them on Hawaiian Air. A word to the wise, make sure your bags get checked all the way through to your final destination. At the Hilo Airport, it rained on and off, just for about 5 minutes at a time.

After checking in to the Hilo Hawaiian hotel, we decided to drive around town and check things out. One of the first places we stumbled across was Rainbow Falls. This waterfall is right at the edge of town, we weren't even looking for it. Unfortunately, it was dark and we couldn't see a thing. We could hear the water crashing down below us. Talk about a teaser.

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