Third Annual Parks Half Marathon 2008 Pictures

I'm sorry to say that I didn't make it to the 2009 race so no photos for this year

The Parks Half Marathon runs through several parks in Montgomery County Maryland. It starts near the Rockville Metro station and ends in downtown Bethesda. I went and took pictures of as many of the runners as I can and am posting them on this page.

I set myself up on the Capital Crescent trail, just as it comes out from the tunnel under Rt 355. This was near the corner of Bethesda Ave. and Woodmont Ave, a little before the finish line. It was a nice place to be because there were a few people cheering everyone on and letting them know they were almost finished. There were also people there waiting for runners they knew and giving them hi-fives.

I started taking pictures at 8:20 and stopped around 10:05 Since I was a little before the finish line, my times don't line up exactly with the finishes, but it should be within a minute or two. If you know when you finished, you can find your picture by time. I also am organizing the pictures by bib number, but since I have over 1500 pictures to go through, that will take a while.

I got almost everyone that was running during the time I was taking pictures, however, I know I missed a couple of people and some people didn't have their bib numbers visible to me (either they weren't wearing them, or they were on their left leg, I had trouble seeing those.

For more information see Parks Half-Marathon or read about it on the Washington Running Report

By Time

By bib number

I am in the process of organizing them by bib number, you can see how far I have gotten on the Entry number list.

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