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Fernwood Park

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Michaels Drive, Parking behind the Woods Academy on Greentree Rd. (map)

This neighborhood park has a playground, tennis courts, and ball fields.

The mostly sunny playground is decent, with swings, three slides, some metal and wood climbing equipment and more. It is cushioned with a layer of mulch. There are tennis courts with a practice wall, a soccer field and a baseball field.

Access to the park is a bit odd. The park and planning commission lists the address as Michaels Drive, but there is no parking there between 9 am and 5 pm. Fortunately, there is also a sign that says you should park behind the Woods Academy at 6801 Greentree Rd. I am unsure about how available the parking lot is during the school day.

Detailed park inventory

Playground Equipment

Baby Swings1very good
Child Swings1very good
Standard Swings2very good
Straight slides1very goodon the toddler climbing train
Spiral slides1very good
Curved slides1very good
Climbing apparatus2very goodA spider-web jungle gym connected to another climbing/play structure.
Monkey Bars1good
Climbing wall1goodSmall
Spinny thing1goodNot sure what to call it, but you can stand on it and spin


Benches4some very good, some fair
Trash CansYesgood


GrassyesgoodMost of the park is grass.
TreesyesokThere are trees along the edge of the park.
SunyesgoodMost of the time the playground will be in sun. The rest of the park gets full sun.
ShadenoOKMay get some shade from the trees, depending on the angle of the sun.

Sports and Fitness

Baseball diamonds1good
Soccer pitches1good
Tennis courts2good


Parking lotyesokParking in the Woods Academy parking lot.

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Climbing train

Swings at the park

Giant spider web and spiral slide

Curved Slide

Tennis courts

Ball fields