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Battery Lane Park

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4960 Battery Lane, Bethesda, MD. Halfway between Old Georgetown Rd and Wisconsin Ave. Also accessible from Glenbrook Rd. (map)

This small neighborhood park has a playground, a tennis court, and a basketball court.

The mulch-cushioned playground is small but servicable. It has several kinds of slides, something to bounce on, a couple of steering wheels not on anything in particular (one of them is currently missing), a baby swing and a child swing. Suprisingly, there are no full-size swings. There are trees all around it so it is shaded full time.

There is a single tennis court and a basketball court. There are also two picnic tables and a number of benches. The North Bethesda Trail runs along one edge of the park (it is also called the Bethesda Trolley Trail).

There isn't any nearby parking, it is best to use this park if you are within walking distance. Battery lane is the northern end of downtown Bethesda.

Detailed park inventory

Playground Equipment

Baby Swings1good
Child Swings1good
Straight slides2goodA double slide
Curved slides1good
Covered slides1good
Things to bounce on1good


Picnic Tables2good
Water fountain1good
Trash Cans2good


GrassyesokNot much
TreesyesgoodSome are cottonwood trees that cover the ground with "cotton" in the late spring.
SunyesgoodNot much

Sports and Fitness

Tennis courts1ok
Basketball Courts1very goodrecently resurfaced and with new hoops.

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Playground area
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Tennis Court
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Basketball Court
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Picnic Table
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Bethesda Trolley Trail
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