Do you every run across a web site that is interesting enough that you just want to share it with people, but not so interesting that you want to tell everyone about it?

My interests mostly focus on out of copyright books. There are a lot of great old books that are freely available. Project Gutenberg is the leader in getting the books out there. If you are interested, you can help proofread books online at the Distributed Proofreaders. Another great resource is the Online Books Page. Some of these books I have put on Page By Page Books. There are a few sites that have audio books and such. one particularly interesting (in an odd sort of way) is which has mp3 versions of supreme court oral arguments.

Open Content
Some people actually like you to share what they write. You can email to friends, post it on your website, sometimes even modify it. It is available under many different licenses with various numbers of restrictions. Some of the popular ones are GNU Free Documentation License and a set of licenses from Creative Commons. A great example of how public domain and open content can work together is the Wikipedia Project whose goal is "to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia". It is a massive task, but they are well on their way. Their secret is that anyone, even you dear reader, can contribute to the articles. If you are a bit more visual, OurMedia will help you publish your videos.

Amuses me
Would you like to see stuff on my cat? Not my cat, of course, but various peoples cats with various things on them.

Some things are so cute you suffer a cute overload. This blog is dedicated to excessivly cute animal pictures.

This guy is collecting satellite maps

Here's a good page on using Digital Cameras and Linux It is easy and you don't usually need any drivers.

Every once in a while, I read some amusing web page, such as this one about a motorcycle and a squirrel. Or this one about a helium filled toy blimp. Maybe you should get your fill of Useless Information

I have never seen this in person, but some people use pastels on sidewalks to draw pictures that look 3-D. a little time on the search engines shows me that other people do it too, such as this person.

When I was in school, none of our teachers used this fancy internet thing, but nowadays it seems like they all do. It is suprising how many grade school through college syllabii you see online. Kids these days have it so easy :)

How about the Speculative Grammarian, a sort of parody on gramatical research.

Just because something is there, doesn't mean you can see it, here is a great collection of Optical illusions

Just because something is there, doesn't mean you will notice it, the Visual Cognition Lab at UIUC has some nifty demos of things changing that you probably won't notice until it is pointed out.

Emergency prepardness information and guides from the U.S. Government, including how to plan for different types of disasters.