If the colors look wrong.

Browsers show JPEG and GIF pictures in the browser window (like Netscape or Mosaic) don't do a good job at choosing which colors to use (on a 256 color display) if possible, have them use a helper application to view pictures.


With UNIX, I advise using xv, a shareware image viewing application.

I have noticed that when using xv when I load the picture the color doesn't look right. There is dithering, or color banding. If you are having the same problem and are using xv then tell xv to use the pictures own color map, like this:

Sometimes also, xv is set on 24 bit color mode even if you have an 8 bit display. If that is the case, do the same steps as before, but select the button marked "24/8 Bit" then select "8-bit mode"

If you are using another platform and the colors aren't right then I don't know how to help you, but if you figure out a way to correct it send it to my and I will add it to this list.

These pictures were created on a PC so they may look a little different on your system. In particular, the gamma correction is different on PC's than many other machines. If the pictures look dark, try setting the gamma to 1.7.

JPEG pictures are 24 bit pictures, which mean they have 16.7 million colors. If you display them at 256 colors, they will not look nearly as good. If you display is capable of running at more than 256 colors use it.

G. Edward Johnson